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Japanese Patent JP2009541618
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Disclosed is a multistable structural member (10), of use in various structural applications. The member (10) has a sheet form. In a first configuration (e.g. open configuration), a first distribution of stored elastic stresses is counterbalanced against at least two reinforcing corrugations (12). In a second configuration (e.g. rolled configuration), these corrugations (12) are deformed to provide a second, different distribution of stored elastic stresses counterbalanced by the shape of the member in the second configuration. The first and second configurations are stable but reversibly interchangeable. An external force is required to cause a transformation between the first and second configurations. The member may be formed by suitable plastic deformation of a metallic sheet. A method for forming such a multistable structural member (10), a multistable structure an a multistable assembly (3), having a plurality of multistable members are also disclosed.

William Mulholland
Keith A. Seffen
Simon David Guest
Alexander David Norman
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Publication Date:
November 26, 2009
Filing Date:
June 22, 2007
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International Classes:
E04C2/32; B21D47/00; E04C2/08; E04C2/30; E02D17/08
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Hiroshi Yamazaki
Mitsuo Tanaka
Yasushi Ohata