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Japanese Patent JP2568909
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An electrical connector (4) includes a plurality of electrical terminals situated in an insulating housing (5), and the housing (5) is surrounded by shielding means to form a shielded subassembly. The latter is housed within a premolded boot (120) to form the electrical connector (4) which is interconnectable to shielded cable (180). The shielding means comprises first and second shield members (70,100) assembled to the insulating housing (5) and retained in position by windows (84) in the first shield member (70) engaging with ribs (20) on the housing, in conjunction with tabs (104,108) on the second shield member (100) engaging with the first shield member.

Chandler, Curtis Seffs
Marsh, Edward Kennis
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Publication Date:
January 08, 1997
Filing Date:
December 16, 1987
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Amp Incorporated
International Classes:
H01R13/648; H01R9/03; H01R13/658; H01R13/28; H01R13/627; H01R13/74; (IPC1-7): H01R13/648
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Yuzo Yamazaki (3 others)