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Japanese Patent JP2580210
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PURPOSE: To facilitate operation and simplify a mechanism in an actuated state of a refrigeration cycle with a heating operation kept as it is by actuating a defrosting valve of a five-way relector valve and feeding high pressure gas to an outdoor heat exchanger for defrosting. CONSTITUTION: A slide valve 16 selectively communicates a communication hole 11a in a suction pipe 6 in a valve seal 11 through a bore 16a with through- holes 11b, 11c in conduits 7, 8 reaching heat exchangers located on opposite ends of the suction pipe. A through-hole 11f is formed in an extension part of the valve seal 11, and a defrosting valve 21 is provided on the valve sheet 11 for opening and closing the through-hole 11f, which valve 21 is coupled with a piston 19. When in a heating operation state, frost is deposited on an outdoor heat exchanger 9, power is supplied to a pilot three-way solenoid valve V2 to open a port C and open the defrosting valve 21 while keeping the silde valve 16 fixed whereby high pressure gas is supplied from a conduit 24 to the outdoor heat exchanger for defrosting. Completion of the defrosting is detected, and when power supply to the pilot three-way solenoid valve V2 is interrupted, the defrosting valve 21 is closed.

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February 12, 1997
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November 13, 1987
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F25B41/04; F16K11/065; F25B47/00; F25B47/02; (IPC1-7): F25B41/04; F16K11/065
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Hideo Takino

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