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Japanese Patent JP2612958
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In the plastic sealing sheets according to the invention, an upper layer and a lower layer are penetrated by a carrier material in between so that they are welded to one another. The upper layer and the lower layer are based on at least one copolymer which is composed of the monomer ethylene and a comonomer selected from the group consisting of vinyl esters of a C2- or C3-alkanecarboxylic acid and C1- to C4-alkyl esters of acrylic acid. Processes for the production of the plastic sealing sheets are described. These plastic sealing sheets can be used for sealing buildings.

ディーチ ハンス ゲオルグ カール
シェラファー ジーン―ルック クラウデ
フンツィカー ハンスペーター
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May 21, 1997
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September 27, 1990
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サルナ パテント―ウント リツェンツ―アーゲー
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E04C2/22; B32B17/04; B32B27/12; B32B27/28; C08L31/04; D06M15/21; D06N7/00; E04D5/10; (IPC1-7): B32B27/12; B32B17/04; B32B27/28
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塩澤 寿夫 (外1名)

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