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Japanese Patent JP2639832
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PURPOSE:To continuously and efficiently manufacture panel by a method wherein the cutter of rear material is provided at an arbitrary position between an uncoiler and a core material delivery part and preferably at least one position between a preheater and the delivery part. CONSTITUTION:In order to realize a compact production equipment, a second and a first trestles 2 and 15 are installed on the third floor and on the second floor of a three-storeyed house. The decorative surface of surface material A after passing through an embossing part 9 is faced upward so as to easily discover the generation of cracks and the like at embossing. The surface material A and a back material B, which are respectively coiled on uncoilers 4 and 17, are installed at the feed parts 3 and 16 of the surface material and of the rear material so as to feed without strain the decorative surfaces of the surface material A and of the rear material B under the state being faced upward to turning-over parts 11 and 24. Forming parts 12 and 25 consist of groups of pinch rollers, levers and forming rolls so as to form the surface material A and the rear material B. At a delivery part 28, solid reaction mixture P is delivered and filled to the inside of at least either one of the surface material A and the back material B, both of which have been heated at preheater parts 13 and 26 respectively. The cutter 27 of the rear material cuts the rear material B preferably at a position between the delivery part 28 and the preheater part 13 by a command issued from a control panel when the surface material A is used up during operation in order to make the waste of the rear material B as small as possible.

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August 13, 1997
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October 29, 1988
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B32B15/08; B21C37/02; B29C39/16; B29C69/00; (IPC1-7): B32B15/08; B29C39/16; B29C69/00