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Patent Searching and Data

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Japanese Patent JP2652398
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PURPOSE:To always attain proper data transmission by segmenting a reception signal for each bit data being the sum of a block data length and an error correction code length so as to apply error correction. CONSTITUTION:A receiver shifts bits by one by and finds out a flag F and a corresponding error correction code ECC from the head of the reception signal. After that, a data is, extracted by 16-bit each after that, for example, error correction is applied respectively, a preamble PA is separated to extract a digital information frame BF and the received transmission control procedure signal is discriminated. At first, the error correction code ECC is added also to the preamble PA and bit pattern being the sum of the flag F being a component of the preamble PA and the error code ECC is found out by the pattern recognition processing, then mis-detection of the flag F of the preamble PA is suppressed and sure detection is attained. Thus, proper transmission of data is attained.

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September 10, 1997
Filing Date:
March 03, 1988
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H04L1/00; H04L7/08; H04L29/08; (IPC1-7): H04L1/00; H04L7/08
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Monda Makoto