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Japanese Patent JP2667043
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The present invention is to provide a compact roll stand apparatus, particularly of four-roll type, comprising both a roll parting adjustment device and an all-roll drive device. Further in detail, a roll stand apparatus comprising: a plurality of grooved rolls arranged radially, with substantially same degree intervals, from the pass line along which material bars and rods are driven, and whose rotational axes lie on a plane; eccentric shafts each rotatably supporting each of said grooved rolls; a device for simultaneously rotating said eccentric shafts and also simultaneously adjusting radial distances from said pass line to the rotation axes of said grooved rolls; driven gears each mounted concentric with the rotation shaft of each of said grooved rolls so as to rotate integrally with each of said grooved rolls; driving gears whose rotation axes lie on a plane apart, in the direction of said pass line, from said plane where the axes of said grooved rolls lie, and which engage with said driven gears; and a drive device for simultaneously rotating said driving gears.

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October 22, 1997
Filing Date:
July 12, 1990
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Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.
International Classes:
B21B13/00; B21B13/10; B21B31/26; B21B35/00; B21B35/12; (IPC1-7): B21B13/00; B21B13/10; B21B35/00; B21B35/12
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Akira Asamura (3 outside)

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