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Japanese Patent JP2695246
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Twice reactive dyes of the formula in which U<1> denotes C1-C4-alkyl, phenyl, C2-C10-alkenyl or the radical where Q<1> and Q<2> independently of one another stand for hydrogen or C1-C4-alkyl and Q<3> stands for a group which can be removed under alkaline reaction conditions, Z denotes the radical where Q<4> independently of one another stands for hydrogen or C1-C4-alkyl which is optionally substituted by cyano, U<2> stands for C1-C4-alkyl, phenyl, C2-C10-alkenyl or the radical in which Q<5> and Q<6> independently of one another have the meaning of hydrogen or C1-C4-alkyl and Q<7> has the meaning of a group which can be removed under alkaline reaction conditions t stands for 0, 1 or 2 and v stands for 1 or 2 and w stands for 0, 1 or 2 and X and L have the meaning mentioned in the description, with the proviso that at least one of the two radicals U<1> and U2 does not stand for C1-C4-alkyl or phenyl, and benzyl compounds of the formula in which A denotes nitro or amino and U<1>, Z and t have the abovementioned meaning.

Manfred Patchuyu
Wouve Nahl
Friedrich Wijing
Ielck el yesen
Claus Pandle
Klaus Marsichner
Matsuchias Dusto
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December 24, 1997
Filing Date:
July 28, 1989
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BASF Akchen Gezel Shaft
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C07D251/44; C07C317/00; C07C317/14; C07C317/18; C07C317/32; C07C323/00; C07C323/12; C07C323/36; C07C323/65; C07D213/76; C07D213/82; C07D231/46; C07D237/14; C07D239/30; C07D239/42; C07D239/50; C07D239/62; C07D251/40; C07D251/50; C07D327/06; C07D401/12; C07D403/12; C07D498/04; C09B62/02; C09B62/022; C09B62/44; C09B62/503; C09B62/505; C09B62/51; C09B62/513; C09B62/517; (IPC1-7): C09B62/503; C07C317/18; C07C317/32; C07C323/12; C07C323/36; C07C323/65; C07D213/76; C07D231/46; C07D237/14; C07D239/30; C07D239/50; C07D239/62; C07D251/40; C07D327/06
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Toshio Yano (2 outside)