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Japanese Patent JP2698127
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PURPOSE:To minimize influence to a focusing action due to a luminance level held by the subject of high luminance by suppressing the dislocation from a focusing point to occur in the picture including the subject and the inversion phenomenon of a focus elevation value. CONSTITUTION:At a gate circuit 5c, only when the output of an AND gate 54 is an H level, the passing to an HPF 5d of a luminance signal to be inputted is permitted. Consequently, to the HPF 5d, only the luminance signal concerning the part not exceeding the luminance level specified as a threshold in the sampling area is inputted. At a detecting circuit 5e, an A/D converting circuit 5f and a counting circuit 5g of the rear step of the HPF 5d, even at the time of being in the sampling area, the part where the luminance level exceeds the threshold is excluded from the object of the focus evaluation calculation. Consequently, even when the high luminance object invades into the sampling area, the object can suppress the influence given to the focus evaluation value.

Haruki Toshinori
Kenichi Kikuchi
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January 19, 1998
Filing Date:
November 14, 1988
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Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
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G02B7/28; H04N5/232; (IPC1-7): H04N5/232
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Koji Yasutomi (1 person outside)