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Japanese Patent JP2822889
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PURPOSE:To produce an information recording medium capable of stably performing tracking, not causing the rise of a noise level by recording, reproduction and erasure and capable of rewriting. CONSTITUTION:A recording layer 1 contg. a high molecular liquid crystal compd. is formed on a substrate 2 and an unerasable optical pattern 4 for tracking is formed in part of the recording layer 1 to produce the objective information recording medium. The high molecular liquid crystal compd. is a copolymer contg. mesogen monomeric units and non-mesogen monomeric units. The optical pattern is formed by forming an image in part of the recording layer and crosslinking the principal or side chain of the copolymer in the part with reactive groups.

Morikawa Takashi
Akashi Quantaro
Masanobu Ninomiya
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Publication Date:
November 11, 1998
Filing Date:
June 30, 1994
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Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd
International Classes:
G02F1/13; G02F1/1333; G02F1/137; G11B7/0055; G11B7/007; G11B7/24035; G11B7/246; G11B7/26; (IPC1-7): G11B7/24; G02F1/13; G02F1/1333; G02F1/137; G11B7/26
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Tsuyoshi Watanabe