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Japanese Patent JP2896048
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PURPOSE:To improve the dried condition of clothes, etc., by a method wherein the temperature of dry air from a rotating drum annd the temperature of dry air which is cooled by a cooler are compared, and when they are approx. the same, a preliminary drying process is performed for a specified period of time, and then, and then, respective processes of washing, de-liquiding and drying are performed in order. CONSTITUTION:When a power source is turned on, a second temperature-detecting means 23 detects the temperature of an outlet of a cooler 17, and a first temperature- detecting means 22 detects the temperature of an outlet of a drum 2. At the same time with these detections, an operation program is set by a keyboard. Then, whether a preliminary drying is set at the time of the setting of the operation program or not is judged, and when there is the setting of a preliminary drying, the preliminary drying is performed for a set period of time. When there is no setting of a prelminary drying, whether the difference between the detected temperatures of the temperature- detecting means 22, 23 is approx. mutually same or not is judged, and when it is approx. the same, i.e., when a dry cleaning machine is under a cold condition, a preliminary drying is automatically set, and the dry cleaning machine stands by until a start key is operated. Then, when the start key is turned on, respective processes, a washing, de-liquiding and drying, are performed.

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Publication Date:
May 31, 1999
Filing Date:
June 29, 1993
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International Classes:
D06F43/00; D06F58/28; (IPC1-7): D06F43/00
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Ryutaro Fujita