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Japanese Patent JP2917649
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PURPOSE:To form a high-permittivity film on the surface of a semiconductor substrate by allowing an F atom-contg. gas to react with steam under specified temp. and pressure. CONSTITUTION:A field oxide film, a gate oxide film 2 and a polysilicon gate electrode 3 are successively formed on the surface of a silicon substrate 1, and an interlayer insulating film 5 is deposited on diffusion layers 4a, 4b and 4c. The insulating film 5 is etched, and a lower electrode 6 consisting of polysilicon is formed and connected to the diffusion layers 4a, 4b and 4c. An F atom-contg. metal alkoxide and pure water are vaporized and introduced into a reaction chamber to deposit a Ta2O5 film 5 which is then annealed at 800 deg.C in gaseous N2. An upper electrode 8 consisting of polysilicon is then formed, an interlayer insulating film 9 is deposited, and a contact 10 connected to the diffusion layer 4b is opened. Polysilicon 11 is filled in the contact 10, P, etc., are diffused, an Al-Si-Cu wiring 12 is formed, and a stacked capacitive part is completed. A Ta2O5 film having a larger capacitance than before is formed on the surface of the semiconductor.

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July 12, 1999
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March 03, 1992
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C23C16/40; H01L21/316; H01L21/822; H01L21/8242; H01L27/04; H01L27/10; H01L27/108; (IPC1-7): C23C16/40; H01L21/316; H01L21/822; H01L21/8242; H01L27/04; H01L27/108
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Naoki Kyomoto (2 outside)

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