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Japanese Patent JP2957153
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To form a eccentric pipe or a container easily and into a one body by forming a part having gradually reduced diameter by applying spinning under condition in which a pipe axis of a work and a revolution axis of a roll are eccentric with each other. SOLUTION: A work 4 is moved along X direction. Thereby, each roll 28 is revolved on a pipe axis X5 while rotating on its own axis, being in pressurized contact with the outer surface of the work 4. Therewith, a diameter of the revolution being gradually reduced, a spinning is started at a diameter reducing point A. At this time, a pipe end which undergoes spinning is plastically deformed into a taper part 4b1 of truncated cone shape the axis of which is the revolution axis X5 eccentric by OF1 from an pipe axis X4 of a plain pipe (truck) 4a of the work 4, as the revolution axis X5 of the rolls 28 is eccentric by OF1 from the pipe axis X4 of the work 4. When the work 4 is uninterruptedly moved in reverse holding a closed position of the roll 28, a cylindrical head part 4C1 which is parallel with the pipe axis X4 of the work 4 and the axis of which is the revolution axis X5 is formed on the tip of the taper part 4B1 .

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Publication Date:
October 04, 1999
Filing Date:
November 11, 1997
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International Classes:
B21D22/14; B21D22/16; B21D41/04; F01N3/28; F01N13/18; (IPC1-7): B21D22/16; B21D41/04; F01N3/28; F01N7/18
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Hasegawa Yoshimichi