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Japanese Patent JP3070188
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PURPOSE:To shorten the rise time of a device and improve the fully automatic setup control precision by selecting the approximate implantation condition among multiple segment regions registered in a storing means against the given implantation condition. CONSTITUTION:The implantation condition and various control parameters corresponding to it are registered in an auxiliary memory device. When the given implantation condition is expressed by the point G (EG, IG), the approximate implantation condition is selected among multiple implantation conditions L-P existing in the segment region belonging to it (set by the range of energy and the range of beam current) A. Initial values of the various control parameters are approximately adjusted to the optimum values against the given implantation condition. When the various control parameters are completely adjusted, they are collected as register data and automatically registered in place of the old data in the region A.

Hironori Kumazaki
Takao Matsumoto
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Publication Date:
July 24, 2000
Filing Date:
November 11, 1991
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Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
C23C14/48; C23C14/54; H01J37/317; H01L21/265; (IPC1-7): H01J37/317; C23C14/48; C23C14/54; H01L21/265
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Kenzo Hara

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