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Japanese Patent JP3099994
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PURPOSE:To manufacture a preformed body with an insert component not to be separated from a main body section and also with a cap section of good heat resistance. CONSTITUTION:A preformed body 1 is used for forming a heat-resistant bottle by biaxially stretching blow molding and composed of a cap section 11 provided with a thread section 15a and a support ring section 14a, a body section 12 and a bottom section 13. A ring insert component 15 of heat-resistant material is formed integrally on the cap section 11, and at least one through-hole 16a in axial direction is formed in the insert component 15, and the inner side of the upper end of the insert component 15 is formed lower than the outer side so that the inner side of the upper end of the insert component 15 is covered with resin in the inner periphery of the cap section filled in the through-hole 16.

亀海 裕司
森住 憲一
渋谷 剛美
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Publication Date:
October 16, 2000
Filing Date:
April 09, 1992
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B29B11/08; B29B11/14; B29C45/00; B29C49/06; B29C49/08; B29D22/00; B65D1/02; B65D23/00; B29L22/00; (IPC1-7): B29B11/14; B29B11/08; B29C49/06; B29C49/08; B65D23/00
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高石 橘馬