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Japanese Patent JP3133230
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PURPOSE: To develop a thermoplastic resin pipe as well as its production method and facilities having a sufficient reliability even in the application to a pipe to be laid underground for sewage or the like by remarkably enhancing 6 flat rigidity of a composite pipe containing a corrugated pipe. CONSTITUTION: A two-layer composite pipe 3 made of corrugated composite parts A and bulging socket composite parts B is molded in a mold by contact bonding an intermediate layer pipe 2 alternately consisting of corrugated parts 23 and socket parts 24 bulging to a required shape to an outer peripheral surface of a straight inner layer pipe. The outer peripheral surface of the two-layer composite pipe is heated to a predetermined temperature. The surface is coated with a half-melted outer layer pipe 4 in a vacuum atmosphere. In this manner, a three-layer composite pipe 5 firmly contact bonded under the managed conditions of heat and pressure difference is molded as an article. In this manner, though an outer diameter difference exists between the corrugated part and the socket part, the uniform and firm contact bonding of the outer layer pipe to the intermediate layer pipe ensures a high-efficiency production of an article having a high flat rigidity, no wrinkle, and a smooth and beautiful appearance.

Masayoshi Kitagawa
Ichiro Shiomi
Ryoichi Nakano
Sadao Nagase
Yoshisho Mizutani
Ban Hisayoshi
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Publication Date:
February 05, 2001
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March 20, 1995
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Kurimoto Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
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B29C47/06; B29C47/88; B29C48/32; B29C49/00; B29C51/10; B29C57/04; B29C69/00; B29D23/00; B32B1/04; B32B1/08; B32B3/30; F16L11/10; B32B27/06; B29L9/00; B29L23/00; (IPC1-7): B29D23/00; B29C47/06; B29C47/20; B29C47/88; B29C57/04; B32B1/04; B32B1/08; B32B3/30; F16L11/10
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Junzo Aono