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Japanese Patent JP3313364
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A tamper evident cap is provided which includes plastic and includes a skirt having means for engaging means on a neck of a container for closing and opening the container, and an annular frangible band connected to and depending from the skirt, wherein the band includes an outer wall frangibly connected to the skirt by a line of weakness comprising fracturable bridges, posts and the like, and an inner wall joined to the bottom of the outer wall by a curvilinear connecting portion and extending therefrom inwardly and upwardly in a generally inverted "J", "U", "V", triangulated curl " or "trapazoidal" cross-sectional shape, wherein the inner wall includes a free end comprising a rim adapted to engage the interfering means on a container. The rim of the inner wall also can include a sharply curvilinear configuration which provides a compressible and resilient interfering surface that nests tightly against the underside portion of a projecting bead or shoulder on the container neck to thereby provide significant interference upon initial removal of the cap. In the triangulated curl embodiment, the inner wall can include a projection extending outwardly from the rim. Further, the inner wall of the band can be bowed or have a concave shape to provide stability upon compression of the band during initial removal of the cap.

La Lou, Daniel El.
Mall, William A., Force
Schloss, Francis Michael
Thompson, Mortimer Stafford
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August 12, 2002
Filing Date:
December 26, 1990
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Tri-Tech Systems International, Inc.
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B29C53/34; B29C57/12; B29D22/00; B65D41/34; B29L31/56; (IPC1-7): B65D41/34; B29C53/34; B29D22/00; B65D55/08; B29L31:56
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Hidekazu Miyoshi (1 outside)