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Japanese Patent JP3352052
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A method and apparatus for manufacturing a thick-walled bent pipe capable of manufacturing an elbow material for piping with higher size accuracy with use of a thick-walled pipe material are provided. For this purpose, the manufacturing apparatus includes a lower die (20) including a pair of bottom dies (21, 22) having sliding surfaces (20c, 20c) in a circular arc form; an upper die (10) including an upper guide (11) having a guide surface (11a) in a circular arc form for guiding the lower die (20), and a presser die (12); and a lower guide (30) having slide surfaces (30a, 30a) for placing the bottom dies (21, 22) thereon, and the bottom dies (21, 22) are respectively allowed to rotate while they are facing to each other, by lower end portions (20f, 20f) of the bottom dies (21, 22) respectively abutting to and sliding along the slide surfaces (30a, 30a) at the same time when the sliding surfaces (20c, 20c) respectively abut to and slide along the guide surface (11a) in the circular arc form in connection with descent of the upper die (10).

Yoichi Kimura
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December 03, 2002
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May 31, 1999
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Tokiwa Seiki Co., Ltd.
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B21D7/06; B21D9/08; B21C37/28; F16L43/00; (IPC1-7): B21D7/06
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Osamu Matsuzawa