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Japanese Patent JP3362901
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PURPOSE:To eliminate the supply irregularity of pellets and to reduce the breakage of a long fiber by supplying pellets having a specific length or more composed of a compsn. consisting of fibers having the substantially same length as the pellets and arranged in the longitudinal direction of the pellets to the screw of a molding machine in a state arranged in the same direction. CONSTITUTION:Pellets have a length of 20mm or more. The hopper 60 of a molding machine consists of an upper chute 61 and a lower chute 62 and both chutes are allowed to be spaced apart from each other to be made possible to vibrate in the direction shown by an arrow H. The lower chute 62 is equipped with a plurality units each consisting of a rectangular tray 63 whose width is shorter than the length of the pellets and the guide 64 extending from the tray 63 to a supply port in the direction shown by an arrow W. Rectangular buffle plates 65 are integrally attached to both side surfaces of each of the trays 63. The pellets in the upper chute 62 are supplied to the vibrated buffle plates 65 to fall from both end parts thereof in the longitudinal direction so that the axes of the pellets are arranged in the direction shown by the arrow H and introduced into the guide 64 by vibration to successively fall to a pellet supply port.

Mitsuru Yokouchi
Mitsuhiro Mochizuki
Yoshimitsu Shirai
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January 07, 2003
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February 17, 1993
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Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Daicel Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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B29B9/14; B29C31/00; B29C31/04; B29C31/08; B29C45/18; B29C47/10; B29C48/315; B29C70/14; B29K105/06; B29K105/10; (IPC1-7): B29C31/04; B29B9/14; B29C45/18; B29C47/10
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Yoshikazu Miura

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