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Japanese Patent JP3382975
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PURPOSE:To provide a stable electromagnetic pump flow rate controller which has the high precision with a simple constitution by using the closed loop feedback type automatic control due to the actual flow rate element by combining an inductive voltage adjustor which is equipped with an integration element and has the delayed responsive characteristic and a control circuit which is equipped with a proportional calculation element and has a speedy responsiveness. CONSTITUTION:A flow rate controller 13 in pulse controller type equipped with an adjusting function is connected with an inductive voltage adjustor 4 driven by a driving electric motor 7 connected with an electric power source for an electromagnetic pump 1 whose flow rate is controlled by varying the supplied voltage, and the flow rate signal of the electromagnetic pump 1 is inputted, and the difference from a flow rate set value is proportionally calculated in a sampling cycle, and the operation signal for the driving electric motor 7 of the inductive voltage adjustor 4 is outputted by the digital pulse according to the comparison with the dead band having the flow rate set value as standard, together with the reverse signal.

伊藤 潤
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Publication Date:
March 04, 2003
Filing Date:
September 01, 1992
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F04B17/04; F04B49/06; G21C15/247; G21D3/08; H02K44/02; (IPC1-7): F04B49/06; F04B17/04; G21C15/247; G21D3/08; H02K44/02
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猪股 祥晃