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Japanese Patent JP3484702
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A liquid crystal device has a structure in which an electric field is applied across a liquid crystal in a direction substantially parallel to the plane of a substrate. A conductive film is formed on a first substrate on which an electric field control is provided, and also on a color filter substrate located opposite the first substrate, and the conductive films are maintained at either a ground voltage, a common electrode voltage, the center voltage of an image signal, a non-selection voltage of a scanning signal, or a logic voltage of an external driver or otherwise the voltage of the conductive films is maintained in a floating state. The liquid crystal device having the above structure displays a high-quality image without encountering an influence of electrostatic charges.

前田 強
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Publication Date:
January 06, 2004
Filing Date:
March 13, 1997
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G02F1/1343; G02F1/1335; (IPC1-7): G02F1/1343; G02F1/1333; G02F1/1368
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上柳 雅誉 (外1名)