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Japanese Patent JP3836792
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Disclosed in an inert gas generator to produce a large quantity of inert gas within a short period of time. The inert gas generator comprises: a gas turbine consisting of a starter motor, compressor, combustor and turbine body; an afterburner being connected to an exit of the gas turbine to re-burn gas burned in the combustor and being equipped with a flame stabilizer; a cooling chamber being equipped with spray nozzles to eject water to decrease gas temperature in the afterburner exit; an evaporator set to further cool the gas-steam mixture from the afterburner; a cooling chamber and spray nozzles; an exhaust nozzle to guide the direction of the inert gas-steam mixture of low temperature and oxygen content; and a controller for controlling the starter motor, the fuel pump and combustor. The inert gas generator mounted on a movable vehicle can promptly suppress the fire occurred in various places with least amount cost possible.

Kim Soo Young
Im Ye Hong
Mulavchenko Oleg F
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October 25, 2006
Filing Date:
November 30, 2000
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Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
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A62C5/00; A62C3/00; A62C3/02; A62C99/00; B01J7/00; F02C6/00; F02C6/04; F02C6/06; A62C27/00
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Kazuo Moriya
Hiromichi Watanabe