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Japanese Patent JP3958793
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An automated design process and apparatus for use in designing complex structures, such as circuits, to satisfy prespecified design goals, using genetic operations. The present invention uses a population of entities which may be evolved to generate structures that may potentially satisfy the design goals. The behavior of such generated structures is evaluated in view of the design goals, and those structures more closely meeting the design goals are evolved further until a structure is generated that either meets the prespecified design goal or some other process completion criteria. In this manner, a design complex structure may be obtained.

Koza, John Earl
Bennett, Forest H. The Third
Andre, David
Keene, Martin A
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Publication Date:
August 15, 2007
Filing Date:
February 20, 1997
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Koza, John Earl
Bennett, Forest H. The Third
Andre, David
Keene, Martin A
International Classes:
G06F15/18; G06N3/00; G06F17/50; G06N3/12
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Other References:
Grimbleby, J.B., Automatic analogue network synthesis using genetic algorithms, Genetic Algorithms in Engineering Systems: Innovations and Applications, 英国,1995年 9月12日,Conf. Publ. No.414, p.53-58
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Masaki Yamakawa
Hiroro Kurokawa
Masayuki Konno
Osamu Nishiyama
Jiro Suzuki
Shigeki Yamakawa