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Japanese Patent JP4102483
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An apparatus for successively recording information onto a recording medium (1) which has a groove track wobbled by a wobble signal having a prescribed frequency and a plurality of synchronization pre-pits (4). The information is divided into a plurality of sync frames including a synchronization signal. The apparatus has a wobble detecting circuit (63) for detecting the wobble signal. The apparatus also has a write clock signal generating device (70) for generating a write clock signal on the basis of the wobble signal, and a pre-pit device (64) for detecting the pre-pits. An adjusting circuit (80) is provided to detect the phase difference between a pit signal and the synchronization signal, and for controlling a frequency of the write clock signal.

Kazuo Kuroda
Toshio Suzuki
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Publication Date:
June 18, 2008
Filing Date:
June 02, 1998
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Pioneer Corporation
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G11B20/14; G11B7/0045; G11B20/10; G11B20/12; G11B27/19; G11B27/24; G11B27/30
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Yasuo Ishikawa

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