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Japanese Patent JP4107461
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An integrated modular collector-heat exchanger unit for motor vehicle air conditioners and the like has a collector housing in which a collecting space and a heat exchanger unit are disposed. The heat exchanger unit includes two separate heat exchanger ducts which are in a thermal contact. One heat exchanger duct has a helical course and is part of a first flow duct which extends from a housing inlet to a housing outlet in the collector housing. The other heat exchanger duct is part of a second flow duct extending between the collecting space and a housing connection. This other heat exchanger duct also has a helical course, its coils in each case being in a thermal contact with at least one adjoining coil of the first of the first heat exchanger duct.

Bernd Deanhard
Hans Joachim Claus
Hagen Mittelstrass
Karl Heinz Stafa
Kristow Walter
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Publication Date:
June 25, 2008
Filing Date:
December 13, 1999
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International Classes:
B60H1/32; F28D7/10; F25B40/00; F25B43/00; F28D1/06; F28D7/02; F25B9/00
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Toru Tanabe

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