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Japanese Patent JP4156929
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A metal honeycomb body that is particularly suited for use in an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine is prepped for receiving a sensor that reaches into the interior of the honeycomb body. First, voids such as recesses and/or elongated holes are formed in at least one sheet metal foil. Then some of the foils are at least partially structured, as for example corrugated. Then the foils are stacked, coiled, wound, or otherwise made into a honeycomb structure, with the at least one sheet metal foil disposed to form a receiver that extends into the interior. The honeycomb structure is then inserting into a sheathing tube that is formed with an opening that is aligned at least partly with the receiver. Then the various pieces are joined by way of a suitable joining technique. The novel method prevents the channels from being damaged during manufacture when receivers for sensors are subsequently produced and allows, for example, an especially effective conversion of exhaust gases.

Bruk, Rolf
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September 24, 2008
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February 28, 2002
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Emitech Gezershaft Fuyua Emitsions Technologie Mitsuto Vesyurenktel Haftung
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B01J35/04; B01D53/86; B21D47/00; F01N3/28; F01N11/00; F01N13/00; F02D35/00
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Iwao Yamaguchi