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Japanese Patent JP4160415
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To provide a frost formation detecting method for a refrigerating cycle for easily and accurately detecting frost formation while focusing attention to a peculiar phenomenon that the frost formation on a heat absorber increases the temperature of refrigerant discharged from a compressor and reduces discharge pressure, and to provide a defrosting method using the same.

In the refrigerating cycle 1, the refrigerant using supercritical fluid is pressurized by the compressor 2 and heat exchanged with outside air by a radiator 3 and then it is subjected to adiabatic expansion by an expansion valve 13 and evaporated by the heat absorber 4, while a restrictor for the expansion valve 13 is controlled in the direction of restriction with an increase in the temperature of the refrigerant at the outlet of the radiator 3. The increasing rate of the temperature of the refrigerant discharged from the compressor 2 and the reducing rate of the discharge pressure of the compressor 2 which are detected at the same time are used for estimating the condition of the frost formation on the heat absorber 4. The frost formation is easily and accurately detected utilizing the peculiar phenomenon which occurs in the frost formation on the heat absorber 4.


Masahiro Iguchi
Shimada Tadashi
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Publication Date:
October 01, 2008
Filing Date:
February 13, 2003
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Calsonic Kansei Co., Ltd.
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F24F11/02; B60H1/22; B60H1/32; F25B1/00; F25B47/02; F25B9/00; F25B40/00
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Hidekazu Miyoshi
Iwa Saki Kokuni
Kawamata Sumio
Masakazu Ito
Shunichi Takahashi
Toshio Takamatsu


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