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Japanese Patent JP4256019
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a new compound useful as an antifungal agent having specific physicochemical properties. SOLUTION: This antibiotic TKR2462 or its salt has following properties. Mass spectrometry: a FAB-MS m/z 607 [M+H]+; ultraviolet absorption spectrometry (in methanol) : main absorbing wave lengths (nm) at 214sh, 244, 268, 277sh, 300sh and 396 having E-values of 228, 540, 253, 198, 80 and 76, respectively; infrared absorption spectrometry (KBr method): main absorbing wave lengths (cm-1) at 3460, 1690, 1650, 1560, 1330, 1270, 1230, 1150, 1100, 1060 and 1020; and solubility: soluble in chloroform, and slightly soluble in hexane, methanol and water. The antibiotic is obtained by culturing a strain having activity for producing the above antibiotic belonging to genera Penicillium and separating the above antibiotic from the culture product.

加藤 郁之進
竹迫 一任
粟津 尚之
鵜野 葉子
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April 22, 2009
Filing Date:
May 11, 1999
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C07G11/00; C12P1/02; A01N63/04; A61K36/06; A61P31/10; C12N1/14; C12R1/80
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田中 光雄
青山 葆