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Japanese Patent JP4283424
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The purpose of the invention is to provide a forgery/alteration protective material which containing a retroreflecting material and having an improved forgery/alteration protecting effect against the process of the upper part of the material. In order to achieve the above purpose, the forgery/alteration protective material 2 according to the invention where a retroreflecting material 4 for returning the incident light substantially along the path along which the incident light travels is provided and a transparent film 6 is layered on the retroreflecting material 4 is characterized in that a low transmittance layer 8 formed of a material having a lowerer light transmittance than that of the transparent film 6 is provided between the retroreflecting material 4 and the transparent film layer 6, and the light transmittance of the low transmittance layer 8 is 45% or higher to the light in the wavelength range of 420 nm to 700 nm.

Masayoshi Wada
Kimura morning
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June 24, 2009
Filing Date:
July 10, 2000
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B41M3/14; G02B5/02; B32B27/00; B42D15/00; B42D15/10; G02B5/128; G02B5/136; G02B5/28
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Yuji Iwahashi