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Japanese Patent JP4319115
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To provide a method for forming a metallic formed body having a recessed portion on a part of a sidewall, by which method the metallic formed body can be formed so as to have a uniform wall thickness (including an approximately uniform thickness) over the whole region.

The metallic formed body F is formed into a rectangular cylinder shape with a first sidewall 1, a second sidewall 2, a third sidewall 3, and a fourth sidewall 4. The first sidewall 1 has a recessed portion 5. The method for forming the metallic formed body F comprises a first step for forming a cylindrical first intermediate body having the same circumferential length as the circumferential length of the cross section of the formed body F, a second step for forming a second intermediate body from the cylindrical first intermediate body, the second intermediate body having first and second flat walls corresponding to the third and fourth sidewalls 3, 4 and first and second curved walls for connecting both of the first and second flat walls respectively, and a third step for finishing the forming of the first, second, third, and forth sidewalls 1, 2, 3, 4 by inserting the second curved wall side of the second intermediate body into a cavity of a third forming die, and then by carrying out a die closing operation while pushing a part of the first curved wall into the second intermediate body by means of a recessed portion forming projecting portion.


Yuji Kanai
Takaki Mizutani
Kobayashi Takuo
Kazuo Isogai
Yuichi Nagai
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Publication Date:
August 26, 2009
Filing Date:
September 15, 2004
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Honda motor industry stock company
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B21D22/02; B21D17/02; B21D26/033; B21D26/039; B21D26/047
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Ken Ochiai
Kazuaki Niki

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