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Japanese Patent JP4344346
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To set paths in accordance with content without notifying a client or a server of information about a network.

Node apparatuses NS and NC for constituting a network for the server, in response to a content request to send the content to the client, to send the content to the client have respectively: a path calculation part 14 for selecting a path kind to be set on the basis of a content capacity of content designated by the content request and free resource of the network; a path setting part 18 for setting a path on the network according to the path kind selected by the path calculation part 14; and a communication part 20 for transferring the content by using the path set by the path setting part 18.


Shimazaki Daisaku
Eiji Oki
Shiomoto Kohei
Shigeo Urushiya
Application Number:
Publication Date:
October 14, 2009
Filing Date:
August 31, 2005
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Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
International Classes:
H04L12/721; G06F13/00; H04M3/00
Other References:
信学技報 CS2005-9
2005年信学通ソ大会 B-12-22
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Isono Dozo
Megumi Oishi

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