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Japanese Patent JP4361234
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A process for catalytic cracking hydrocarbon stocks to increase simultaneously the yields of diesel oil and liquefied gas, carrying out in a riser or fluidized-bed reactor, which comprises: (a) Gasoline stock, an optional pre-lifting medium, and a catalytic cracking catalyst are charged into the bottom of the reactor and they contact in the lower zone of the reactor to produce an oil-gas mixture with a lot of liquefied gases; (b) The resultant oil-gas mixture and the reacted catalyst from step (a) flow upwardly and contact in the upper zone of the reactor conventional catalytic cracking feed entered, the reactor from at least two sites having different heights higher than the lower part of on the reactor, to produce an oil-gas mixture with a lot of diesel oils; (c) The resultant oil-gas mixture from step (b) enters a fractionation system where it is separated into the desired liquefied gas, gasoline and diesel oil products, heavy cycle oil and slurry are optionally circulated back to the reactor; (d) The spent catalyst may pass steam stripping and enters a regenerator and undergoes coke-burning and then is circulated back for reuse. The process can simultaneously increase the yields of liquefied gas and diesel oil, reduce the sulfur and olefin contents in the gasoline and raise the octane number. It can be carried out in an existing catalytic cracking unit which need not to be refitted in a big way.

Zhang Hishun
Moan country
Takashi Kane
Zhang Zhang
Chen Zhang
Royal people
王 巍
Cui Shushin
Ozawa Sawa
Choi Hua
Zhang Rui
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November 11, 2009
Filing Date:
June 20, 2000
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China Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
China Petroleum Industry Group Ltd.
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C10G11/18; C10G51/02; C10G55/06
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Kenji Yoshitake
Yukitaka Nakamura
Konno Akio
Noritaka Yokota
Takeshi Katata