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Japanese Patent JP4370627
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an image forming device which, carries the recording material to a belt while avoiding the image improper area of the belt, such as a seam, and copes with slip caused when the recording material is fed in the case that images are formed on only one side of a recording material or on both sides. SOLUTION: This device is equipped with a paper feed means 11a which feeds the recording material on a paper feed tray 1a to a carrying path, the endless belt 5, an image forming means which forms an image onto the recording material placed on the belt, a carrying means 8 which carries the recording material fed by the paper feed means 11a to the belt, an improper-area detection means 10 which detects the area 5a of the surface of the belt that is not suitable for an image, and a paper-feed request means which requests the paper feed means 11a to feed the paper. In response to the request from the paper-feed request means, the paper feed means 11a is driven, and based on the result of the detection by the improper-area detection means 10, the carrying means 8 is driven.

Kazuo Okunishi
Kentaro Nagatani
Hideki Hino
Yoshiaki Takano
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November 25, 2009
Filing Date:
August 07, 1998
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Konica Minolta Business Technologies Co., Ltd.
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G03G21/14; B65H5/02; G03G15/00; G03G15/01
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Yoshihito Shimizu
Hisayoshi Shimizu
Ken Takada