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Japanese Patent JP4370629
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a polyester-based combined filament yarn having a soft touch feeling, good in dyeability and excellent in a dry feeling or a repulsive feeling by carrying out filament combining treatment of aliphatic polyester filaments different in degree of modified cross section and a woven or a knitted fabric using the combined filament yarn. SOLUTION: An aliphatic polyester consisting essentially of L-lactic acid is melt spun by using a spinneret for spinning and filament combining having two or more kinds of modified cross-section spinning holes and hollow holes arranged therein and the resultant filaments are drawn to afford a polyester- based combined filament yarn comprising filaments having two or more kinds of cross-sectional shapes in which at least one kind of the filament is a hollow filament having 5-50% percentage of hollowness and the degree of modified cross section of at least one kind of filament is within the range of 1.1-3.0 with >=0.1 difference in degree of modified cross section. Furthermore, the combined filament ratio of the filament having the maximum degree of modified cross section is 15-85% in the polyester-based combined filament yarn.

Masayuki Sato
Yudai Aranishi
Hiroshi Takahashi
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November 25, 2009
Filing Date:
February 01, 1999
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D01F6/62; D02G3/04; D01D5/253; D03D15/00
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