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Japanese Patent JP4384812
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To manufacture a honeycomb body, it is proposed that at least one stack is layered up from a plurality of at least partly structured sheet metal layers. Each stack is folded over about a bending line such that a sheet metal pack is formed having a curved first end area and a second end area. The second end area has a first end section and a second end section. A first end face of the first end section forms a first angle with a central plane, and a second end face of the second end section forms a second angle with the central plane, wherein the first angle is smaller than the second angle. The sheet metal packs are held by looping devices disposed in a mold, and the sheet metal pack is looped into a honeycomb body by rotation of the looping devices.

Diebold, Robert
Feelketter, Manfred
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Publication Date:
December 16, 2009
Filing Date:
May 28, 1999
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Emitek Gesells Shaft Fur Emissioone Technological Mitt Beschlenktel Haftung
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B21D47/00; B01D53/86; B01J35/04; F01N3/28
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Kuro Fukami
Toshio Morita
Yoshihei Nakamura
Hidehiko Ito
Yutaka Horii
Morishita Hachiro