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Japanese Patent JP4405323
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A laminated sheet 1A' is produced in which target sheets 301A of a predetermined shape constituted from an adhesive/curable layer 31A made of an energy ray-curable material and a substrate 32A are provided on a width-direction central portion of a release surface of a long release sheet 2A, and a protective portion constituted from the substrate 32A and a protective member 41A is provided via the adhesive/curable layer 31A made of the energy ray-curable material on both side portions in width-direction of the release surface of the release sheet 2A; the energy ray-curable material is cured at both edges in width-direction of the laminated sheet 1A' before rolling up the laminated sheet 1A' . As a result, oozing out of an adhesive/curable material of the adhesive/curable layer 31A from the both edges in width-direction of the laminated sheet 1A' when the laminated sheet 1A' is rolled up can be prevented.

Kubota Shin
Kazuya Kato
Takeshi Miyata
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Publication Date:
January 27, 2010
Filing Date:
June 21, 2004
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International Classes:
B32B37/00; B32B27/16; C09J7/22; C09J7/38; G11B7/24; G11B7/254; G11B7/257
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Yuji Hayakawa
Suzuki Keiyasu