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Japanese Patent JP4416319
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The invention relates to a drilling tool for machine tools and to a method for the production thereof. The drilling tool has at least one chip conveyor groove (16) and at least one functional channel (20). In order to produce the body of the drill (10), the wall of a tubular metal blank is simultaneously impinged upon by substantially radially oscillating form-giving forces in several forming sections spread over the periphery, moving in an axial direction along the surface of the blank, whereby at least one chip conveyor groove (16) is shaped and at least one functional channel (20) is formed. When the chip conveyor grooves (16) are formed on at least two interspaced forming sections in a peripheral direction in the wall of the blank (50), the parts of the wall in the area of two opposite-lying chip conveyor grooves (16) come to rest against each other in a sealed manner, defining at least two functional channels (20, 24) on the inner surfaces thereof. The joint (40) thus formed can be closed by means of cold welding or soldering.

Volcart Diet Mar
Share Gerhard
Bakshivanellis Constantine
Kecha michael
Cruz Zinsky Yatzeck
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February 17, 2010
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December 10, 1998
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B21K5/04; B21D17/00; B21J5/00; B21K5/02; B23B51/00; B23P15/32
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Fujita Akira