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Japanese Patent JP4511796
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The invention provides a spread spectrum communication system for maintaining an initial transmit power level of a communication station during periods of inactivity. The system comprises a first station (501) and a second station (502), the initial transmit power level of which is maintained, wherein the first station generates an automatic power control signal by comparing a measured noise power level in a communication channel and an estimated system transmit power level and the second station occasionally transmits a spread spectrum signal whilst in an inactive state and receives the automatic power control signal to adjust an initial transmit power level thereof.

Romp, Gerry
Ozur Talc, Fatih
John Kowalski
Regis, robert
Rudy, Michael
Marla, Alexander
Jacks, alexander
Silverberg, Abi
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Publication Date:
July 28, 2010
Filing Date:
January 22, 2003
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Interdigital Technology Corporation
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H03K3/84; H04W72/04; G06F13/374; H03H17/02; H04B1/707; H04B1/7075; H04B1/708; H04B1/7085; H04B1/709; H04B1/7093; H04B1/711; H04B7/005; H04B7/216; H04B7/26; H04B15/00; H04B17/00; H04J13/00; H04J13/10; H04K1/00; H04L1/00; H04L5/14; H04L7/00; H04L7/033; H04L25/02; H04L27/20; H04L27/233; H04L27/30; H04N1/333; H04W52/04; H04W52/14; H04W52/24; H04W76/04; H04W88/02; H03H17/06; H04B1/7077; H04B1/7115; H04B1/712; H04J11/00; H04J13/12; H04J13/16; H04L27/00
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Yoshikazu Tani
Kazuo Abe
Nakanishi Eiichi

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