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Japanese Patent JP4564195
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The bracelet is formed of decorative elements (10) mounted on the links (20) of a chain (20). Each decorative element (10) includes over a portion of its length a central rib (16) and two lateral edges (18) connecting the cap (13) and feet (17, 19) made as an overthickness on the bottom (15). Each link includes on either side of a slot (2) two coupling elements (21, 31) connected by a bridge (7) provided with a pin hole (9), each having a lateral arm (28, 38) provided with a pin hole (29, 39) and forming with the bridge (7) a complementary recess (23, 33) of an extension (24, 34) provided with a pin hole (25, 35) at the other end. The bending of one link with respect to the following one is limited by blocking means provided either at the opposite pin holes or at recesses and extensions.

Dennis Lucial
Christophe Gerry
Sebastian Boltz
Michael back
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Publication Date:
October 20, 2010
Filing Date:
March 22, 2001
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Monterey Rado Sear
International Classes:
A44C5/00; A44C5/02; A44C11/00
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Masaki Yamakawa