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Japanese Patent JP4617055
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At least one plane blank ( 20 ) is cut out from a sheet of metal material, the blank comprising a main part having the developed shape of the wall of the structural element and at least one additional overlap and fixing tab ( 26, 27, 28 ), the cutout blank ( 20 ) is folded along a plurality of lines ( 23 ) so as to form the wall of the structural element comprising a plurality of annular segments that are not in axial alignment out of folded portions ( 22, 24, 24', 25 ) of the main part of the cutout blank ( 20 ), and welding is used to fix at least one additional overlap and fixing tab ( 26, 27, 28 ) on at least one of a folded portion ( 22, 24, 24', 25 ) and a second overlap tab. During welding, at least one overlap tab ( 26, 27, 28 ) and the folded wall portion ( 22, 24, 24', 25 ) or the second overlap tab are maintained bearing resiliently one against the other in a superposed disposition, welding is perfectly performed by means of a laser beam, in transparency, the structural element of the invention has numerous applications in a very wide variety of industries.

Leyal, Jean-Pierre
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January 19, 2011
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July 12, 2001
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Infi Yujinu Precisionion
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B21C37/15; B21C37/08; B21D47/01
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Yoshio Kawaguchi
Mitsuru Inoue
Akio Ichiiri
Makoto Ono
Katsuma Osaki