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Japanese Patent JP4621179
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A scroll-type machine is disclosed which is particularly well suited for use as a compressor in refrigeration and air conditioning systems and incorporates a unique arrangement for modulating the capacity thereof. The capacity of the scroll-type machine is modulated by reducing the orbital radius of one of the scroll members to thereby form a leakage path across the flank surfaces of the wraps. Both types of scroll separation may be accomplished in a time pulsed manner to thereby enable a full range of modulation with the duration of the loading and unloading periods being selected to maximize the efficiency of the overall system. A motor control arrangement is also disclosed which may be used with either of the modulation methods mentioned above to increase the efficiency of the motor during periods of reduced load. Additionally, either of the modulation arrangements mentioned above may be combined with a delayed suction form of capacity modulation with or without the motor control feature to thereby achieve better operating efficiency under certain conditions.

Mark bus
Roy Jay Doupker
Gene-Look M Kaylat
When Earl Wanna
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January 26, 2011
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August 14, 2006
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Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.
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F01C1/02; F04C18/02; A47F3/04; F04C27/00; F04C28/00; F04C28/02; F04C28/06; F04C28/08; F04C28/18; F04C28/22; F04C28/24; F04C28/26; F04C28/28; F04C29/12; F25B1/04; F25B5/02; F25B41/04; F25B49/00; F25B49/02; G05D1/08; G05D23/19; F25B41/06
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Akio Kanzaki

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