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Japanese Patent JP4651947
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Systems and methods for implementing a hardware ID with time- and weight-based flexibility use a hardware ID (HWID) including identifying information about hardware components. When software is run, a current HWID is generated. When the current HWID is compared to a stored HWID to determine if the two HWIDs match, a time vector and a weight vector are used in the comparison. A running matching score is kept of matches. For each hardware component, the weight vector indicates the weight given to a correct match of the hashed value for the hardware component. For example, if the weight value for the hardware component is three and there is a match, then the running total is increased by three. For each hardware component, the time vector may indicate an expiration period after which a change in the component may be allowed. For example, if the expiration period for the component is one year, and one year has passed since activation, the running total may be increased even though the component's information in the verification HWID does not match the current component information.

Pratur Dublish
Kagler Ganaki
Aiden T. Hughes
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March 16, 2011
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January 06, 2004
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G06F21/22; B03B9/02; C02F1/26; G06F1/00; G06F9/00; G06F12/14; G06F17/00; G06F17/30; G06F21/00; G06K5/00; G11B20/00
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Yoshikazu Tani
Kazuo Abe