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Japanese Patent JP4745499
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A shears device including a rolling table, a rail-guided drive carriage coupled with the rolling table, a U-shaped frame mounted on the drive carriage, and a drive apparatus arranged on the drive carriage for driving the shears. The frame has a first side adjacent the drive apparatus and a second side opposite the first side on which holding elements for the shears are provided. At least one of the holding elements on the second side of an upper of the horizontal arms includes a pressure plate. A drive is provided for moving the drive carriage transverse to the transport line. A clamping element is arranged at the second side of the frame and has congruent gliding plates that overlap the pressure plate. The clamping element together with the gliding plates is movable along a horizontal path across the pressure plate to couple the clamping element and the holding element.

Grafe Horst
Radda-Tunk Barbara
Munker Max
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Publication Date:
August 10, 2011
Filing Date:
July 17, 1999
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SMS G Mark Actien Gezel Shaft
International Classes:
B23D15/08; B23D1/00; B23D19/00; B23D25/02; B23D25/12; B23D35/00; B21B15/00
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Mitsufumi Esaki
Kiyota Eisho