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Japanese Patent JP4828002
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The invention relates to chiral dopants of the formula (I): R1-X1-MG1-G-MG2-X2-R2. The invention also relates to liquid crystalline materials comprising at least one chiral dopant of formula (I) and optionally at least one polymerizable mesogenic compound. The invention furthermore relates to the use of such liquid crystalline materials for the preparation of polymer films with a chiral liquid crystalline phase, for active and passive optical elements or color filters and for liquid crystal displays, for example STN, TN, AMD-TN, temperature compensation, guest-host or phase change displays, or polymer free or polymer stabilized cholesteric texture (PFCT, PSCT) displays. The invention also relates to cholesteric liquid crystal displays comprising liquid crystalline materials comprising chiral dopants of formula (I) and to polymer films with a chiral liquid crystalline phase obtainable by (co)polymerizing a liquid crystalline material comprising at least one chiral of formula (I) and at least one polymerizable compound.

Paris, Owain
Nolan, Patrick
Farand, Louise
Mayson, Allison
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November 30, 2011
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June 18, 1997
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C07D493/04; G02F1/13; C09K19/58
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