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Japanese Patent JP4846310
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A gas turbine engine (44) having a longitudinal centerline axis (12) therethrough, including: a fan section (16) at a forward end of the gas turbine engine (44) including at least a first fan blade row connected to a first drive shaft (40); a booster compressor (20) positioned downstream of and in at least partial flow communication with the fan section (16) including a plurality of stages, each stage including a stationary compressor blade row and a rotating compressor blade row connected to a drive shaft (40/51) and interdigitated with the stationary compressor blade row; a core system (45) positioned downstream of the booster compressor (20), where the core system (45) further includes an intermediate compressor (47) positioned downstream of and in flow communication with the booster compressor (20), the intermediate compressor (47) being connected to a second drive shaft (51), and a combustion system (46) for producing pulses of gas having increased pressure and temperature from a fluid flow (52) provided to an inlet (54) thereof so as to produce a working fluid (48) at an outlet (50); and, a low pressure turbine (36) positioned downstream of and in flow communication with the core system (45), the low pressure turbine (36) being utilized to power the first drive shaft (40). The core system (46) may also include an intermediate turbine (49) positioned downstream of the combustion system (46) in flow communication with the working fluid (48), where the intermediate turbine (49) is utilized to power the second drive shaft (51). A first source (64) of compressed air (52) having a predetermined pressure is provided to the combustion system inlet (50) and a second source (66) of compressed air (65) having a pressure greater than the first source (64) of compressed air (52) is provided to cool the combustion system (46).

Robert joseph orlando
Katta Racheli Srinavan Ven Kataramani
Chin-Pan Lee
Thomas Olly Monis
Kurt David Mallow
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December 28, 2011
Filing Date:
September 13, 2005
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F02C3/30; F02C3/06; F02C7/18; F02K3/06
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Arakawa Satoshi
Hirokazu Ogura
Nobukazu Ito
Toshihisa Kurokawa

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