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Japanese Patent JP5149995
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A bearing is disclosed. The bearing has an inner ring concentrically disposed with an outer ring with rotational elements therebetween adapted for allowing rotational movement of the inner ring relative to the outer ring. The outer ring has a crowned outer surface. A waveform expansion sleeve is disposed about the outer ring. The waveform expansion sleeve has a cylindrical outer surface dimensioned to be received in a bore of a bearing housing and an inner surface with a profile matching the outer ring outer surface. The waveform expansion sleeve has an undulating radial cross-section sufficient to exert radial pressure at its inner surface against the outer ring outer surface when mounted in the bore of the bearing housing to sufficiently secure the bearing in the housing. The expansion sleeve inner surface forms a seal with the outer ring outer surface when the bearing is installed in the bearing housing.

Hosmer, Christopher Yee
Nisley, Donald El
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Publication Date:
February 20, 2013
Filing Date:
August 21, 2009
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Bardot Electric Company
International Classes:
F16C23/08; F16C19/06; F16C33/66; F16C33/76; F16C35/077
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Kawaguchi International Patent Office