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Japanese Patent JP5303805
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Device (2) for stretching a transmission chain (18) closed in itself and comprising pairs of elongated rocker pins (20) mutually coupled by links (22), said rocker pins (20) being destined for a torque transferring cooperation with the pulley sheaves of a pulley sheave transmission, said device (2) comprising a first and a second supporting surface (16,46) which support a chain (18) to be treated over an angle of an arc and having an adjustable mutual distance to generate tensile stresses in the chain supported thereby, in which the first supporting surface (16) is freely rotatable accommodated between the first ends (4a,6a) of two distant frame parts (4,6), the second supporting surface (46) is freely rotatable accommodated on an auxiliary carrier (30) between the two frame parts (4,6), said carrier (30) being provided with two opposite stubby shafts (26a,26b), protruding there from and of which the axis (28) lies at a distance from the axis of rotation (34') of the second supporting surface (46) which is rotatably supported by said auxiliary carrier (30) and lies near the second end (4b,6b) of the frame parts (4,6) while of said supporting surfaces (16,46) at least one can be driven in rotation.

Jacobs Hubertus Maria Fun Loei
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Publication Date:
October 02, 2013
Filing Date:
December 05, 2008
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Gear Chain Industrial B.V.
International Classes:
B21L15/00; F16G5/18; F16G13/02
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Takao Kawasaki
Kazumasa Kumagai