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Japanese Patent JP5456062
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In a Turk's head stand for adjusting positions of whole four-way straightening rolls in both vertical and horizontal directions in a state where the four-way straightening rolls are mounted at predetermined positions, a stack body of roll chocks and yokes can be exchanged by withdrawing it from the stand in a direction perpendicular to a product proceeding direction. For this purpose, double inner frames are disposed inside an outer frame. A first inner frame is disposed so as to be adjusted only in the vertical direction, and a second inner frame is disposed so as to be adjusted only in the horizontal direction. The four-way straightening rolls and position adjusting devices are incorporated inside the second inner frame. Mechanical structures for convexo-concave engagement are disposed on faces of the respective roll chocks and yokes and the inner frames opposed to each other, thereby to guide the respective roll chocks and yokes, by utilizing descending motions of the inner frames, after connection with a pressing device has been released, to form the stack body in series, and to enable the stack body to be withdrawn from the roll stand. Then, by utilizing ascending motions of the inner frames, the stack body is disassembled, and the respective roll chocks and yokes can be guided to desired positions in the stand to be locked.

Hiroaki Yabuta
Takeshi Watanabe
Tomoyasu Nakano
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Publication Date:
March 26, 2014
Filing Date:
December 28, 2009
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Nakata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
B21D3/05; B21C37/08
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Takahiko Yanagita