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Japanese Patent JP5523936
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The present invention relates to a patient interface (10) for nasal CPAP therapy of sleep disordered breathing, the patient interface comprising: a frame (20) having a main body (20a) and a side frame member (20b) formed in one piece with the main body; a cushion (40) removably attached to the frame; a locking clip (82) formed as an integral unit with the frame (20); and a headgear assembly (80) comprising a yoke (92) configured to be removably connected to the locking clip, wherein when connected to the locking clip, the yoke is rotationally adjustable with respect to the locking clip by way of a toothed system, and wherein the yoke and the locking clip are only removable from each other only when the yoke and the locking clip are positioned at a position that does not occur when the patient interface is in normal use.

Jing Anthony
Nasal Sadd
Nok philippe
Moore Rachel
Price Andrew
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June 18, 2014
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June 09, 2010
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ResMed Limited
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A61M16/00; A61M16/06; A62B18/02; A62B18/08; A61M16/08
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Akihiro Ryuka

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