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Japanese Patent JP5543869
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a drying furnace for electrode coating film for lithium ion battery capable of drying an electrode coating film in a more uniformed state of binder distribution.SOLUTION: A drying furnace for electrode coating film for lithium ion battery comprises a heat-up portion 11, a temperature holding portion 12 and a cooler 13, and is used for traveling and drying inside a base material sheet 3 to which an electrode coating film for lithium ion battery is applied. An exhaust means 14 for preventing gas inflow from outside air and the temperature holding portion is installed at the front and rear ends of the heat-up portion 11. An exhaust gas circulation path 19 for bringing back inner gas in the heat-up portion 11 discharged from the exhaust means 14 to the heat-up portion 11 through a fan 17 is installed so as to keep the solvent gas concentration in the heat-up portion 11 at such a concentration to suppress the solvent evaporation from the electrode coating film. This can accelerate back diffusion of a binder during the temperature rise and can prevent segregation.

Takeki Fujita
Yoshio Kondo
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Publication Date:
July 09, 2014
Filing Date:
July 23, 2010
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NGK Insulators, Ltd.
International Classes:
H01M4/139; F26B13/02; F26B21/04
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Tatsuo Watanuki
Fumio Yamamoto
Sekine Yufu
Shizuo Kita

Previous Patent: JPS5543868